Tuesday, June 16, 2009

About K P Udayabhanu Foundation Blog

This blog complements K P Udayabhanu Foundation website located at http://www.kpudayabhanu.com/. The readers of this blog can keep themselves updated to upcoming events and activities of the foundation.

You can also expect occasional postings by K P Udayabhanu. Most of the posts will be by a professional blogger.

Readers can also share their passion to the crooning master. If you enjoy the soft, yet firm voice of the legendary singer, subscribe to this blog. It's free.

The contents of the blog are copyright protected. Commentators own the right of their comments. However, the editor reserves the right to accept or reject any comment without assigning any reason. The possible reasons for rejection are personal attacks, bias, slants, abuse, irrelevant comments, spamming or anything that the editors feel inappropriate for the users of this blog.

Make sure this blog remains a positive experience for everyone who goes through this blog.


  1. It is good to see someone like Udayabhanu start blogging.

  2. K. P. Udayabhanu is no more. He passed away around 8.45 pm tonight (Jan 5, 2014). May his soul rest in peace.